Accounting Services

Whether your Asia business is just starting up, on track, or facing tough choices, your outsourced accounting provider must deliver you sound fundamentals, and a simple, transparent, intelligent service that is cost-effective.

Accounting personnel training

BIKO offers our clients the opportunity to have personalized training that can increase the budgeting, management, and accounting procedures proficiencies of their staff. We identify where you may have a specific skill or learning gaps, and tailor an onsite training to match, a method that can significantly reduce downtime.

Audit preparation

We take the anxiety out of audit preparation by coordinating and gathering the information requested by your auditors, preparing audit schedules, and drafting your statements. Our team of specialists also can come in and pick up the pieces if you’re behind on bank reconciliations and financial reports, with minimal interruption to your staff. We’ll get you ready for audit while reducing stress and deadline pressure.

Consultations and training on application of IFRS/IPAS

IFRS/IPAS principles ensure consistency in financial statements and facilitate cross-comparison of financial information across different enterprises. If you are looking to tighten your internal controls, or prepare for audit, BIKO’s Audit & Assurance professionals can customize a BIKO training to fit. We stay abreast of the latest professional standards and regulations for the industries we serve and the accounting profession in general through regular training in our own organization and will pass our knowledge on to your team.

Financial reporting

Preparation of financial statements is a core service at BIKO. Solid financial statements, whether prepared for an audit or another important business requirement, can reveal the information needed for decision making and help you avoid costly business breakdowns.


BIKO.’s accounting outsourcing services goal is to reduce the burden of the routine non-core tasks and functions also lowering the cost which will free up the Finance Department staff’s valuable time and give them more freedom to focus on their primary business functions (Strategic Management and planning ) to increase revenue growth and annual profits. Our outsourcing team can provide you with a full bookkeeping service, or you can choose our support to be focused on particular areas of your accounts, such as the debtor’s ledger, payroll, VAT, or bank reconciliations.